Camera Ready 


Seniors | Headshots | Boudoir | Engagement

Camera-ready makeup services specialize in creating a flawless and long-lasting makeup look that translates well on camera, whether for photography or video. Using high-quality products and techniques to enhance features, even out skin tone, and minimize any imperfections. The goal is to ensure the makeup looks polished and vibrant under various lighting conditions, making you appear well-groomed and picture-perfect on screen.


Editorial Makeup


Birthday Party | Editorial Photoshoot | Runways

Editorial makeup services focus on creating artistic and trend-setting looks suitable for publications, fashion shoots, and editorial content.


Special Events Makeup


Prom | Gala | Anniversary

Special events makeup services are designed to enhance and beautify individuals for significant occasions such as weddings, parties, or celebrations. I collaborate with clients to achieve a personalized look that complements the event's theme and the individual's style