Bridal Party Services

Bridal Makeup Package


Bridal makeup services are dedicated to creating a radiant and timeless look for brides on their wedding day. I work closely with the bride to achieve a personalized and long-lasting makeup style that enhances natural beauty.

Includes: Trial run, choice of traditional or airbrush foundation, lashes, chest/body glow (optional) and a complimentary touch up kit!

*Travel fee flat rate not included in packages.


Wedding Party Makeup Package


Bridesmaids | MOB | MOG | Family | Guests

Wedding party makeup services extend the expertise of professional makeup artists to bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and other members of the wedding party. These services aim to create cohesive and harmonious looks that complement the overall wedding theme. 

Includes: Choice of traditional or airbrush foundation, lashes and a complimentary touch up kit!


Junior Bridesmaids Makeup


Ages 9-12

Junior bridesmaids makeup services focus on creating age-appropriate and subtle looks for the younger members of the bridal party. These services consider the age and comfort of junior bridesmaids, incorporating light and age-friendly makeup techniques. The goal is to make them feel special and included in the wedding festivities while maintaining a youthful and fresh appearance that aligns with the overall bridal party aesthetics

Includes: Eyeshadow, lip color, blush + bronzer, no foundation and no lashes.


Flower Girl Makeup


Ages 8 & under

Flower girl makeup services cater to the youngest members of the bridal party, offering a gentle and age-appropriate touch of glamour. These services aim to make flower girls feel special and part of the celebration by incorporating light and playful elements while ensuring the makeup is comfortable and suitable for their age. The goal is to contribute to the overall charm and joy of the wedding day for these adorable participants.

Includes: One eyeshadow + lip color.