Brow Lamination FAQ's

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that involves setting and shaping the eyebrows to create a fuller, sleeker appearance. This process includes straightening and smoothing brow hairs, enhancing their natural texture and overall look. The result is well-defined, lifted brows that frame the face beautifully.

Who is Brow Lamination For?

  • Individuals with unruly or sparse eyebrows
  • Those seeking a fuller and more defined brow appearance
  • Anyone looking to achieve a sleek and lifted brow look
  • Individuals with asymmetrical or uneven eyebrows
  • Those who want to enhance their natural brow texture and shape
  • Individuals who prefer a low-maintenance brow grooming option

    Are there any reasons Brow Lamination might not be suitable for me?

    • Have certain skin conditions or allergies to the products used
    • Are pregnant or breastfeeding (consult with a professional)
    • Have recently undergone eye surgery or experienced eye infections
    • Prefer a completely natural or untouched brow appearance
    • Have extremely sensitive skin or a history of adverse reactions to beauty treatments
    • Are looking for a permanent solution, as brow lamination is semi-permanent
    • Cannot commit to the aftercare and maintenance required for optimal results


    How do I prepare for my Brow Lamination Appointment?

    • It is important for this area to be clean and free of makeup, pressed powders and moisturizers.
    • For best results, please grow your eyebrow hairs and avoid threading/waxing/plucking/trimming for up to 4 weeks prior.
    • Do not apply Retinol, Retin-A, BHA/AHA, or exfoliate 72 hours before your appointment, as this may irritate your skin


    Aftercare: For 24 hours post Brow Lamination:

    • Avoid getting your brows wet - no water, heat, steam, sweating, pools, tanning beds, or direct sunlight.
    • Avoid makeup, makeup removers, toners, cleansers on or around the brows. Using an oil-free makeup remover is always a good idea!
    • Do not apply Retinol, Retin-A, BHA/AHA, or exfoliate 72 hours after your appointment, as this may irritate your skin
    • Avoid scrubbing or touching your eyebrows.
    • Do not use tanning products on the face for 48 hours after the treatment.
    • Apply the oil that is given to you during your appointment every day- this helps condition and maintain healthy, hydrated brows, while prolonging the wear of your eyebrow tint. If you do not use the recommended oil, your hair may become dry, brittle, and unruly.
    • Use the mascara wand given to brush brows into place when needed.
    For best results- the longer the aftercare is continues, the better longevity of your brows!
    How is Brow Lamination done?
    Step 1: We style the hairs in the desired direction
    Step 2: We laminate the hairs into place with a gentle perming solution
    Step 3: We place any desired tint onto the brows
    Step 4: We wax the brow area if desired
    Step 5: We neutralize the hair and treat it with a nourishing formula.
    Will Brow Lamination cause damage to my natural brow hairs?
    As long as you follow our recommended pre and post care, and use the recommended oil, brow lamination is a totally safe procedure!
    How long does Brow Lamination last?
    Generally, brow lamination lasts from four to six weeks. Depending on how well you look after your brows, it can last up to eight weeks. After the four to six-week period, it's recommended that you get your brows re-laminated in order to maintain the look over a longer period of time.
    Still have more questions?
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