Eyelash Extensions

Classic Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions involve the application of individual synthetic eyelashes to each natural eyelash. This enhances length and thickness, providing a natural and elegant look. The extensions are carefully attached using a semi-permanent adhesive, giving the appearance of longer, darker lashes without the need for mascara.


Wet Set Extensions

Wet set eyelash extensions are our most popular and highest trending lash set! At the forefront of lash innovation, Wet Set extensions create a beautiful, lifted effect without compromising the health of your natural lashes. The meticulous application process ensures each extension is delicately placed, resulting in a seamlessly blended, lush fringe that stands out effortlessly.


Hybrid Extensions

Hybrid eyelash extensions combine elements of both classic and volume lash techniques. This involves the application of a mix of individual synthetic lashes and lightweight volume fans to natural lashes. The result is a fuller, textured look that blends the natural appearance of classic extensions with the added density and dimension of volume lashes.


Volume Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions involve the application of multiple lightweight synthetic lashes in a fan-like shape to a single natural eyelash. This technique adds significant volume, creating a dramatic and full lash look. The individual fans are carefully crafted to achieve a customized and voluminous appearance while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel.