Discover the Face Behind Dream Esthetics

Meet the vibrant 22-year-old licensed esthetician and a multifaceted beauty professional. As a skilled pro makeup artist, eyelash technician, and brow artist, I weave artistry into every stroke, enhancing natural beauty with precision and flair. Beyond the beauty realm, my heart belongs to two feline companions, and I'm surrounded by the joyous chaos of a large familyβ€”five siblings and ten nieces and nephews who are the very essence of my life.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for excellence, I tirelessly strive for greatness. Each day is a canvas where I paint not only flawless looks for my clients but also craft an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. My commitment extends beyond the studio; it's a dedication to creating moments of beauty and confidence that last a lifetime.

Away from the makeup brushes and esthetician tools, I immerse myself in the world of music. An avid lover and dedicated concertgoer, I find solace and inspiration in the rhythm and melodies that accompany life's journey. With creativity in my hands, a beat in my heart, and the support of my feline and human loved ones, I navigate the beauty of both art and existence with passion and purpose.